The future of Manufacturing – and what it means for make in India

Future of Manufacturing

Our Indian economy has made changes so far regarding the technologies and development process. The process of technologies in India has now built up a lot and it even works in such a way that people do not really realize its importance. To make India a lot better than what it is, we as Indians must push ourselves towards successful manufacturing techniques. We really need to concentrate on preparing such strategies which make us so advance as if we would be instantly after 5-10 years. And we should be aware about the future of Manufacturing – and what it means for make in India

Several other countries like England, United States, Germany and much more are still in the same phase. For the contribution to this, Japan, Taiwan and even South Korea are still on that note where they were before.

These countries have never tried to climb up the growth process so far. The stairs of prosperity towards economic wealth in all the countries are majorly present. The point is to climb up those usual ladders or stairs which will ultimately make the country a Hero.

What usually happens to us is that the people in factory allow the workers to focus more on the industrial activities rather than those of cultivating the land. The industrial activities are much more efficient, output yielding and even productive in all the ways.

The constant contribution in industrial activities ultimately does a great job. Since it is productive and efficient it results in an increase in the “Value added” which ultimately is included in the prosperity of our country.

The country gains fame and popularity when the Value added or the output added to it is increased to a great extent. However, people might still be unaware of this very interesting fact that manufacturing has a strong capability to increase the employment of the laborers.

The people who reside in the corner of the country or the one who are illiterate and don’t have jobs in their hand are getting good opportunities in the manufacturing sector. It generates a very large and huge number of auxiliary jobs which are very much needed by the poor and they contribute a lot in the value added process.

Manufacturing in India has been declining over the past several years. The constant declination of the manufacturing sector has led to contribute it only 15% of the entire gross domestic Product (GDP).

This is really an area of concern for the manufacturers out there. So, the policymakers are now very much concentrating on the manufacturing sector and increasing its overall percentage of the GDP.

To overcome the challenge of less percentage of manufacturing in India, the Government has tried to adopt many new policies. The government has set up a National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council. This council mainly focuses on the new policies and programs which can be adopted or taken into consideration to make things work out. It mainly concentrated on new programs, the clusters, and quality.

The council was very much supportive and to make the process even better, the government stood up a step ahead and started National Make in India campaign.

The National Make in India campaign worked wonders and it concluded the fact that people and manpower in India will be developed to meet the requirements of the manufacturing sector. It was mainly intended to develop such people in India who will enable make in India top work. Basically, manpower will be innovated.

China has been the competitor of India over several years and now it has taken an edge over the factory of the world. To beat China with the hair wages, India should take its place. If the manpower will be developed as per the requirements and preferences, then India can surely win an edge being in the place of China.

In India, the manufacturing sector has not been developed so much and it has been assumed that it will remain as it is in the coming years too. But the fact needs to be changed. To see a change today there is a lot of advancement in our country as per the terms of technologies.

Earlier machines were not so productive and were not even perform the multiple tasks at a time. But the enhancement of technology has proved to be a change. The machines are now very much developed, modern and even efficient than what it used to be before.

Earlier machines were inefficient. They lacked the intelligence which is a main area of concern. But now, things have changed so far and the technologies and artificial intelligence have contributed a lot in making changes in the manufacturing sector.

Human beings are no doubt meant for hard work, but they usually consume a lot of time doing it. The things and tasks which are performed by machines are done at a time and without any hustle and bustle.

Now the machines really do not require Human intervention or interference in their work. Now moving on to the other part which is Automation. Automation is very much needed in India. It is considered as one of those integral parts of the process.

Growth in employment sector has affected a lot in the growth of our country. The constant changes in Employment sector since the policy of liberalization was adopted has been a great move in making India a manufacturing sector.


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