Export opportunities for Indian Manufacturers

Export Opportunities

Import and Export have been a regular activity nowadays in every country. India is especially very much involved in the International business. Regular exports and imports take place in India. However, most of the time it happens that the imports exceed exports, which ultimately results in excess of BOP (Balance of Payments).

Indian manufacturers have a lot of things to export to other countries. Though those products or things might be produced there as well the Indian quality is the best. There are many things which can be exported from India to many other countries. In the same way, many of the products are imported to India as India could not produce them.

But the main concern here is regarding the basic and major opportunities the export for the Indian manufacturers. Nowadays there is a recent trend of leather bags and shoes all around the country and even in abroad. The Indian leather Industry is in full force to create an export relationship with the US and other countries as well. It can definitely increase the exports to, especially US.

The senior officer of the Council of Leather exports very clearly specifies the fact that Chinese products which are made up of leather are becoming very expensive for the US people because the shipments to the Chinese market is now being expended so the products ultimately are expensive.

Now, this is a great opportunity for the Indian manufacturers to create an export relationship with the US industries. The CLE is basically for the promotion of Indian leather and the products made of leather in the Indian industries. There is a great opportunity for the Indian manufacturers in the US and other countries as well who do not possess leather products.

The Regional Chairman of CLE says that the US has been serving all the year by China in terms of some products whether leather products or any other. But, now the things are changing very steadily. The cost of production of China products is getting higher day by day and due to this fact, US industries and manufacturers are restricting themselves to own Chinese products of such high production cost. So, in such a case Indian Manufacturers can easily take up their problems as the major advantages and start exporting to the US.

India has always been very much popular in manufacturing footwear and more than 10-15 percent of the output is exported to different countries. There are many countries which have created an export relationship with Indian manufacturers and this is working quite well. Almost 65% of the output of India is exported to Europe because Europe has loved the trends of footwear India is coming out with.

Not the only US and Europe, but India has developed a relationship of international business with UAE as well. Indian manufacturers can very easily develop a relationship with Dubai because of today’s date there are so many products which are exported to Dubai and much more can be.

Researched and studies have shown that there are many garments suppliers in Dubai who are willing to export gold from India. Basically, the exports have increased to a great extent and it can be further increased if Indian manufacturers are willing to do so and expand their business.

However, the exports are not just limited to clothes from India to Dubai, but there are many products which Indian Manufacturers can export to Dubai and take that option very seriously and expand their business. Basically, this export opportunity is mainly for the Indian manufacturers. Some of the products which are exported and can be exported as well are-

o    The Electronic products.

o    The chemical and metal goods.

o    The items related to aircraft.

o    The cloths and garments which usually include the textile, apparel, garments and

the fabrics better.

o    The products made from steel.

o    The iron products.

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