Can Smart Cities in India become Cyber Secured Cities ?

smart cities

The whole idea of smart cities conceives the inventive utilization of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make the foundation and conveyance of utility services productively. The enthusiasts in India, who are sold on digitization, have a great deal to say about how technology and its universality will upset the nation with best profitability and proficiency. They are sure that technological advancement has unforeseeable abilities that reach out from essentials, similar to water and sanitation, to empower high-end communication.

In any case, the way toward enrolling numerous gadgets through technology additionally renders them powerless from multiple points of view. As India searches for a spot on the front line of technology developments there is additionally the risk that the rush to embrace these progressions might be unreasonably quick for an advancing country like our own.

Over the previous century, technology has made extraordinary advances. Moore’s Law has filled in as anticipated and the expansion in computational power and electronic hardware is exponential. The world is discussing how technology is changing the whole verticals, for example, transportation, communication, food, and entertainment just as the products we utilize each day, similar to light.

Today, even toys are Internet-of-Things (IoT) – empowered items, similar to the Chotta Bhim doll, which is Wi-Fi-empowered. While this is fun, it could permit programmer access to your home system. The threats of progressively advanced automatons and profoundly automated industrial products are likewise troubling. The conceivable harm and dangers related are, be that as it may, diverse crosswise over various ideal models. A smart power network, when traded off, is equipped for closing down a whole city and can be modified to cause street accidents or disturb the supply of gas and water.

With the presentation of the people to come, Internet Protocol Version 6 (ipv6), communication between gadgets will increment exponentially. Your Smartphone can control a progression of ‘smart’ gadgets, for example, control plugs, Wi-Fi lighting frameworks, entryways, windows and so forth. Be that as it may, consider the possibility that the Smartphone naturally bolts you inside. This science fiction situation could well turn into a reality when all gadgets in the house are interlinked and associated with a system. Stretch out this situation to smart cities where framework and utilities are constrained by immense systems and you have the likelihood of closing down a whole city if the system crumbles or is hacked. Without painting a panic situation, let me call attention to a couple of vulnerabilities.

  • Infrastructure Overload: After spending the whole ipv4 transfer speed, there is a plausibility of a cell over-burden if the technology used to digitize framework outpace the systems that help them. Consistent upgradation of technology and conventions will be vital.
  • Cascading Impact: The dependence on expansive focal servers to control frameworks, particularly to control utilities, for example, water or power supply, can have a falling effect in the event of an uneasiness. The adequacy of support, measures to contain the harm and active reaction components, which are being examined and actualized, will really be tried just in a life circumstance. With substantially associated systems, security and hazard alleviation are huge stresses similar to the time required for recuperation.
  • Privacy Risks: With Integrated circuits (ICs) and amplifiers getting to be less expensive, smaller, all the more dominant and simple to install into all gadgets, snooping and a conclusion to security is a reality—if for that alone, to almost certainly sell your merchandise and enterprises

Our human advancement is being presented to unbounded unpredictability because of the quick mechanization of procedures without a reasonable comprehension of the suggestions and outcomes. India needs to interruption to gain from slip-ups of different nations and set up legitimate hazard moderation frameworks before proceeding with thoughts like smart cities

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