How will the plastic ban in Maharashtra distress food industries?

Plastic Ban

An effective choice to ban every single plastic material in Maharashtra is taken by BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) under the direction of Mr. Ajoy Mehta (Municipal magistrate of Mumbai). The procedure of plastic ban in Maharashtra has started from 23rd June 2018. The Maharashtra government has instituted a run to ban all the way toward manufacturing, selling and utilizing any of the plastic items.

The choice of the plastic ban in Maharashtra actualized by the state government will definitely control the food processing industries. The food enterprises and business utilize plastic on a tremendous scale for packaging, serving notwithstanding for plastic sacks are utilized for sending a parcel. The peddlers discover cheap to purchase plastic polythene as an alternative of paper bags. There is a variety of food industries who utilizes plastic in their service, such as Drinking water manufacturers, Hawkers, Dairy products, Snack items etc.

Food Processing Industry gazes at Losses worth Crores

The plastic ban in Maharashtra is appropriate in the entire territory of for make, use, transport, dissemination, discount, retail deal and capacity, and thermocol beautification, plastic packs paying little mind to thickness, non-woven polythene, and dispensable items produced using plastic, for example, spoon, fork, bowl, glasses, plates have been prohibited by the administration. The plastic ban in Maharashtra applies even on road food dealers, film lobbies, restaurants, railway, open spots, basic supply shops and so forth.

The Govt. will force fine of least Rs 5,000 and if additionally ravaged the offense can fine Rs 25,000 and three months of prison, the demonstration against the guilty parties have been isolated into two sections. The first is an orchestrate offense, by which the guilty party has confessed to having damaged the law and will be fined as needs are. The second kind is the point at which the wrongdoer does not admit the violation, they will be taken to nearby police headquarters and a body of evidence will be enrolled against them.

Food Industry Manufacturers are accentuated thinking about the plastic ban. The plastic ban may prompt loss of capital and assets for food processing ventures. The government has given a multi-month to manufactures, dealers, merchants, retailers, and clients to complete the current load of restricted things. They may either hand it over to the nearby government body for logical transfer or through a deal to an approved recycler.

Firoz .H. Naqvi of Federation of Sweet Namkeen Manufacturers (FSNM), had talked about with, “All India Plastic Manufacturers affiliation,” “Indian Institute of Packaging,” and with President, of Federation of Sweet Namkeen Manufacturers, Virendra Jain, Rajendra Agarwal, Haldiram Nagpur, and Ajit Mota of Mota chips.

“All India Plastics Manufacturers Association (AIPMA) has guaranteed that they are as of now taking every important measure to ensure the privileges of packers and taking all conclusions”, said Naqvi.

AIPMA raised solid restriction to it. They said it antagonistically affected their business and furthermore the state’s economy as the ban would influence different enterprises as well.

As per the AIPMA, the plastic ban will bring about lost Rs 5,000 crore to the plastics business. It additionally said no less than four lakh individuals would lose their business, with 2,150 plastic mechanical units closing down in the state. This will mean lost Rs 800 crore to the administration as GST income.

Harshit Mehta – President of the Thermoformers and Allied Industries said that the administration has given the time of three to four months to producers of plastic bottles in this manner comparable time ought to likewise be given to those occupied with manufacturing plastic packs and so on. There are more than 3,000 makers of plastic packs in Maharashtra. The makers are set up to take an interest in Extended Producers’ Responsibility (EPR) to guarantee that no plastic rubbish is seen in the city.

“The utilization of paper sacks will consequently empower cutting of trees. Any new activity will require more water. The parliament should consider every one of these issues, previously executing the ban”, included Mehta.

According to recently forced ban clients should pay buyback cost for the polythene of milk sacks and water bottles. Milk dairies, retail dealers, and merchants should guarantee such payback cost imprinted on it and reuse and collection must be set up inside three months from the date of the notice.

Plastic ban in Maharashtra hugely affects few of the food processing sectors

Buyers will be accused of 50 paisa and one rupee that will be refundable when clients restore the milk pockets and water bottles for reuse. PET or PETE bottles must have under 0.5 liters holding limit and there must be a purchase back store plot cost of Rs 1 and 2 on the contains additionally to set gathering and reusing units inside three months from the date of warning.

‘Milk pockets more than 50 microns thick, prepared food wrappers, the plastic used to cover medications, woodland and agriculture items, strong waste, tree saplings and the utilization of plastic for sending out purposes would be exempted from the ban”, said Ramdas Kadam State Environment Minister.

“Citrus — including the Nagpur mandarin and sweet lime — represents in excess of 60 % of the organic product based drinks advertising in India. The majority of the mainstream citrus-beverage FMCG brands utilize PET bottles for packaging. On the off chance that the experts choose to authorize a restriction on PET containers, it will have a decisive business effect on the whole business,” Amol Totey, president, Orange Grower Association of India said.

An authority from environment board said that choice is yet to be going up against plastic compartments that are utilized for food packages and different administrations. It will be clear when the warning is issued.


The producers or merchant of compostable plastic convey packs will acquire a evidence from the Central Pollution Board before promoting or offering for reason. The choice of the plastic ban may affect the work of India as the ban will totally or respectably compel the businesses to modify its packaging.

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