Cloud Computing adoption Trends in the Manufacturing sector (Insight into Global Vs Indian Scenario)

Cloud Computing

The manufacturing Sector is adopting all the foremost changes and alterations which are motivated by IT and many elegant technologies. One of the most noticeable technologies include Cloud computing. The stipulation and condition of resources are the main force of Cloud computing. It also provides the most reliable and the demanding resources.

However, there are so many aspects or factors due to which adoption of Cloud computing in the manufacturing industry became important. The accessibility and moderate attractive prices of the superfluous or unneeded resources, increase the demand and manage quickness.

In our country, the enterprises have been now modified and personalized very well, and this is all because of the current and modern development in the IT sector, which includes many things such as cooperation and the team work questioning or Analytics and elegant manufacturing. Cloud Computing Platforms have an ability to boost and enhance dexterity, alertness and also to expand elasticity. They also reduce the overheads and costs to a great extent and the production is improved a lot. Basically a cloud computing proposal plays a very major role in a diverse industry like Manufacturing.

In India, across the 17-18 countries, there are 67%-68% people out of 593 respondents who fully adopt the public clouds and this implementation rate is shown by the  IDC survey on worldwide Cloud adoption.

There are many reasons why the manufacturing Industry is constantly being dependent on Cloud Models. Some of the reasons include

  • There are endless manufactures that pursue the policy or plan of cloud to achieve many things. Those things include completing the goals of business,            concentrating more on the representation and processes and increasing the standard connection and affiliation with their clients.
  • Cloud computing is very beneficial and important, especially at that point of time when most of the success is needed in creating material or physical commodities and in organizing and supervising the life cycle of the merchandise.
  • Cloud computing is adopted by the manufacturers so that they can stand out amongst the other and can survive in a competitive market. They usually adopt this to have more growth, and to discover the latest trends in the marketplace.
  • The Clouds are very helpful to ease the complication level and supply a well-organized and regimented flow of information.
  • It also helps in implementing the effusive mechanized and automatic workflows in operation.

In a manufacturing globally the adoption of cloud scenario

The enterprises which are mostly leaning towards IT, the IDC learning provides them the basic approach on various strategies of Cloud especially in the manufacturing sectors. However, in the other sectors such as engineering, the measures and dealings are done, but with a little of concern and caring. For mounting and increasing gradually the latest business models and integrating the accessible structure, the reliance is adopting the cloud.

There are so many organizations and industries that prefer cloud services over anything else because of its alertness and reliability. A recent report has revealed that there are about 66% of the organization and business who adopt cloud services.

The manufacturing insights to clarify that the Industries involved in manufacturing are the center of attraction of the digital revolution where manufacturers want to work in such a manner that they can serve their customers internationally and worldwide. The functional costs are kept low despite there is so much enslavement on the cloud services.

There are many benefits of cloud services such as it helps the manufacturers to realize the swiftness, rate and convenience.


The Adoption of #Cloud scenario in manufacturing in India

 There are so many reasons why there should be an adoption of cloud services primarily in India. There are so many dares and challenges which are to be defeated such as the stumpy production every time and the mounting expenditure, the incongruent structure and many such things.

One of the reasons by Indian Manufacturing companies for adopting cloud services is that they want to execute and put into practice the teamwork and group effort. There is so much involvement of the manufacturing sector to the total cloud ERP market in India. Almost 24.1% manufacturing industries are there which contribute to the cloud models.

In 2016 and beyond, there was a huge implementation of cloud models and services in the scenario of Indian manufacturing.

However, not only this, there are certain benefits that Cloud offers to the manufacturers. Some of those benefits include-


  • In recent times, we have heard a lot about cloud computing for manufacturers, but the vision of it is not always clear. However, there is an ever mounting fixed cost of production data and cloud computing is a technology which is basically set up to give a solution for this problem. Cloud is very helpful for the manufacturers as it helps them to increase the suppleness optimize the basic performance and also, it drives you towards the major profitable projects.


  • The cloud offers manufacturers one of the biggest advantages which were much needed and that are the advantage or benefit of cost or expenses. In spite of investing and paying the amount set on an on-site transportation, manufacturers have now developed a new technique of paying. They now don’t pay a huge amount at once rather they choose cloud because now the expenditure becomes far easier to be calculated. It keeps your business expenses to minimum and lowest and you even need not to install any hardware or keep any regular day to day maintenance.


  • Many of you may be surprised knowing the fact that cloud has contracted many manufacturers an easy access to the best and the most authoritative resources. The process is always in a very high speed as the cloud computing is very great in turning the whole thing from software to unprocessed dispensation power. The cloud is very rich is democratizing the very highly developed hardware and software Information Technology. It brings those software and hardware to the manufacturers within an easy access.


  • There are many organizations which have immeasurable or inestimable resources with them and cloud is one of the solutions or network that provides many exceptional and exclusive benefits for all the organizations even the one with so many resources.


  • There are countless companies who spend a lot of money on maintaining the infrastructure of IT and waste a lot of their money. Not only the money is wasted but also the time and efforts are also worn out in the whole process. These things consume a lot of money especially, if we try to maintain them on a regular basis. But very fortunate and blessed we are that we have cloud services with us. They are extremely affordable and reasonably priced. Cloud at once just overcome all those very expensive resources which are required for maintenance of IT Infrastructure and saves costs of all the verified licenses of the expert personnel.


  • The benefits pf cloud, if we try to number will be infinity because they are countless, immeasurable and what not. And also a recent study has revealed that the clients who adopt the strategy of cloud have achieved so much in their business and have been benefited millions and billions times more than a normal industry without the adoption of cloud services.


  • A cloud based application is said to be very beneficial to the manufacturing industry. The manufacturers who adopt cloud are saving $1 million. There is one million of reduction in the cost of the companies who have adopted cloud since a very long time. Researchers have found that cloud computing has benefited so much to the people that now they are able to save 54% of the costs which they were earlier spending on the infrastructure of IT. There were huge costs which they spent on the regular maintenance, life cycle, and for improving many pending projects and all. But all thanks to Cloud. Cloud has always been a partner especially to the manufacturing Industries and helped them a lot in saving the expenditures.







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