10 Most Successful SME’s in India


Our Indian economy has progressed so much nowadays that we have been one of the most successful countries amongst other. However, not only the economy has progressed a lot but the enterprises, the businessmen who are working in it have made it to the top. There are many people who were earlier in rags and didn’t achieve much, but as they improved themselves with the advanced technologies and ideas. Now, they are one of the most successful people in this world and established themselves as a most successful SME’s in India.

There is nothing that we human cannot achieve. Yes, through a great tough hard work and efforts you can achieve anything. Even you can build up your own Small and Medium enterprises that run very well and are even profitable. Are you wondering why SME’s? Friends, you cannot jump to the big belongings without going through the small ones. So, it is very important that you first go for the small and medium enterprises.

I know it may sound a little weird but is true as well. There are these small and medium enterprises which are considered as the main existence of Indian market. If these don’t exist in the economy, the Indian economy is just like a body without blood. You can breathe,  but cannot have movements in this case. These enterprises or Industries have employed so much of labor and workforce that many people who were jobless and could not earn money or the people who were dying for money for their livelihood are now working and they contribute almost 50 percent of the total manufacturing in our country.

The SME’s have employed so many people who were unemployed and some who were voluntarily unemployed. From the above discussion, you might have understood the importance of Small and Medium Enterprises in our Indian Economy. They have contributed so much that their importance is really immeasurable and because of that I am now going to list“The 10 most successful SME’s in India”.


  • DFM Foods, Location: Delhi– DFM foods is one of the leading SME’s and the most profitable enterprises amongst many. In ancient times or India in the 19th century was not in a habit f eating food that was packed. They never got food which was in a package or enclosed within something.

However, the rich culture of packing the food items was innovated or discovered by the DFM food enterprise. There first thought and design was to develop the CRAX corn rings. This is a kind of snacks which is liked by almost every kid out there. People are always attracted towards the things which have attractive packaging and DFM foods took advantage of this fact and now they are the leading and the most profitable manufacturers of CRAX Ring snacks, the wheat puffs which are very demanding nowadays and many such food and snacks items. There products are demanded in all around the market and they have made a good reputation in the market.


  • Ankur scientific energy Technologies, Location: Vadodara– Ankur Scientific Technologies is an enterprise who basically deals in developing and modernizing Biomass Gasifiers. Ankur is an entrepreneur who was earlier in abroad for his business and related stuffs but after some time he returned back to India. Everyone was shocked and even surprised at why he returned back and lost such a good opportunity. Many people even blamed him for not being intelligent enough and many thought that he made a great mistake but the decision of coming back to India was ultimately proved at that point of time when he started making Biomass Gasifiers that are essential and are widely used for the generation of power. He as an entrepreneur has proved that even a small idea can make you amongst the most successful SME’s. The company has sales worth Rs.34 crore.


  • Mynd solutions, Location: Gurgaon in Haryana– Mynd is a BPO which means Business process outsourcing. BPO is basically a type of companies which do the services for their clients, provide them with ideas and advices as well. At the Initial stages, the owners of the company Mr. Sundeep Mohindru and Mr. Vivek Mishra were not at all prepared for it. They first planned to start a human resource advisory company which will advise their clients better. And slowly and gradually the firm became one of the most successful SME’s in India.


  • SL Packaging, Location: Kolkata– SL Packaging deals in jute trading and also the trading of associated products. The owner Navin Saraf was very well aware of the Jutes, twines and yarns. He was not a new to this field as the business was already set up by his parents. But, he as an entrepreneur focused on what he has to do. He discovered an idea of making yarn and sacks which are much needed today in the local market in India. So, for this purpose he imported raw jute from Bangladesh. Later, the company grew and became the successful amongst the small and medium enterprises.


  • Staragri Warehousing and Collateral Management, Location: Jaipur– This enterprise deals in Agriculture warehousing. It is an agricultural warehousing company which provides the services of warehouses to the farmers who don’t have the facility and want to store the production after harvesting. It has a great turnover today. And people might be surprised to know the fact that the enterprise or company was just starting with a mere capital of rupees five lakh. Today, it is so famous that it has a turnover of around 90-100 crores.


  • Molecular Connections, location: Bangalore– The Company deals with the discovery of drugs Informatics and Publishing. The CEO of the company is very diligent and hard working and the company is one of the known and reputed Pharmacies amongst its clients. Since, past five years, it has grown very progressive at a rate of 25 percent. The company is well reputed and they provide the best return to their clients.


  • North Eastern Medical Research Institute, Location: Guwahati- The Company has its core activity as Health care of people. Dr. Bijoya Goswami and her husband were already graduated from the medical field. They were working and doing jobs individually. However, after some time they both quit their jobs and set up a Hospital at Guwahati. At the initial stages, it was very difficult for both of them to develop this idea to a great extent. They were also not given any financial help from the banks, but they were so determined by their decision that they opened the hospital with only eight beds and now it is one of the most reputed hospitals.


  • Chem Process system, Location: Sanand, Gujarat– the company is very much involved in making the engineering equipments. Jayesh Parikh is the owner of the company who never started the company with a thought to earn more and more. Despite he was only aiming to buy a Maruti 800 car which was a dream to him. In the initial years, his profits were touching the clouds and were about Rs.80 Lakhs. He is now one of the most famous manufacturers of the engineering equipments.


  • Aastha Minmet India, Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra– Aastha Minmet is a company that was earlier a steel trading company and now it shifted to trading of coal. This was for the first time in India to shift into an extremely different business. The company focused basically on the trading of commodity.


  • Emmbi Polyarns, Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra– Makrand Appalwar is the owner of the company and the company is involved in Packaging of products. There was a point when the entire world was against plastics, but this man was not. He was never against plastics. Instead, he focused on the issue that why going against plastic bags. Try to recycle them. Why not act smartly and recycle the bags. He tried producing almost 600000 plastic bags not from the actual plastic, but from a type of plastics. And not only this, he was even involved in packaging of many detergents, and coffee brands in India.




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