A Step Forward – HR Technology implementation in the SME Sector


From a perspective of HR Technology, SME Sector is well prepared for the better growth. However, the HR technology solution providers will require to be certain that their options are uniquely designed to go well with the desires of the market

A Global market study and Consulting firm estimate the Human Capital Management (HCM) market to develop from USD 12.59 Billion in 2016 to USD 19.88 Billion using 2021, at a CAGR of 9.6%. These numbers are attracting huge attention from each international and local gamers within the Indian HCM market.

Choosing the right HR Technology partner

The top 3 challenges faced by SME gamers in India are‘Managing turnover and keeping high performing ability’, ‘engaging and motivating workers to cover the extra mile’, and ‘setting up leaders’.

So in case, you are an SME HR or trade chief, how do you make certain that you have the solutions for technology-related questions? What are the enabling explanations inside your group which you can leverage to generate solutions to these questions and choose the right technological knowledge associated with your HR journey?

First of all, you ought to have the complete HR technology documented with all its contact features and actors involved. You need to have a clear sense of the place automation is required and where it will possibly help. By and large, establishing expenses of the HR methods is a complex hindrance and it is recommended that you simply start with the time spent with the aid of HR and/or business users in managing the process. For example – what is the cost of your performance administration approach? It is largely going to be the period, it requires managers and employees to spend discussing more than a few facets of the PMS procedure.

Secondly, you might work carefully with staff and trade managers in your HR technology solutions. Regularly, even as you as HR chief are the custodian of the HR method, the approach is defined for the improvement of employees and it is their experience of the approach as a way to determine the adoption, with or without technology

Thirdly, be honest and upfront about what you realize and what you don’t. While certain objectives like the impact of business in ‘$’ phrases are exceptional metric, you can also struggle to establish those to start with. It’s consistently good to start with what you recognize and work with a partner who has a based proof of concept (POC) on this discipline. While your approach and what you value is specific to your small business and tradition, begin with what is the fashioned floor between your online business and the enterprise you function in.

The HR Tech players

In smaller firms, payroll is more often than not the primary entry point and for that reason, many HR Technology solution vendors focus on this discipline. In the contemporary years, we have now also noticeable growing adoption of western software in the Indian market, notably in terms of HR workflow administration with appreciating to recruitment, onboarding, employee record management, go away management, and performance management. This kind of capabilities, typically in a technological know-how company is aligned to international first-class practices and small businesses which desire to create a rather world type employee experience here in India have evaluated and adopted SaaS solutions on hand certain within the Indian market.

Often, typical facets offered using most avid gamers would present are payroll, leave administration, attendance management, and employee file management with onboarding. More modern players like Darwinbox have entered this house whilst global avid gamers like Intuit have also entered the Indian market with their payroll resolution QuickBooksTM.

SME HR Tech Adoption Trends

A Survey indicates the adoption of applications by organization size. It may be noticed that the ordinary application adoption in giant corporations beyond the Admin function is around 61%, while in mid-sized organizations it is 55%, and even reduce at 48% of small businesses. This indicates the pinnacle-room to be had for HR Tech solution vendors in all companies as a rule and SME in special. The document extra reveals that nearly 40% of businesses are either evaluating to replace or changing most HR technology options and the essential factor driving these substitute is ‘user experience’.

Another trend that’s observed within the SME sector concerning HR technology is the demand and adoption of mobile-first for use of HR technology, notably in science IT and technology-enabled businesses. Many business and HR leaders at the present point out their proclivity for wanting a mobile-first procedure mainly within the HR tech implementation except for functions like payroll, attendance, leave and travel application processing.

SMEs – Ready to grow with HR Technologies

From an HR tech point of view, the SME sector is ready to develop — while the buyers will start with point options like payroll, leave and attendance management, they’d additionally migrate to other purposes like recruitment, compliance, performance management, and analytics. But the HR technological knowledge solution providers will make sure that their options are uniquely designed to suit the desires of the market. When you see possibility in crisis, then this can be a superb position so that you can create substantial disruption.

The SME sector buyers are going to get overcome with the number of alternatives they have for multiple point solutions while wondering how this all ties up to build a simple employee experience. The solution for them will be to evaluate automation with personalization while looking for merchants with scalability and service expertise.


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