SMEs should give Priority for the Technology Integration and Upgradation – Mr. Karun Kashmiri, Secretary of Chandigarh Management Association

SMEs-Chandigarh Management Association

The Chandigarh Management Association is working closely with industry and Government and involves in the best management practices and techniques through events & conferences, research, publications, and management development programs and also by collaborating with professional bodies and institutions. Everything they do at the CMA is designed to promote professional management. The platform of CMA creates synergy by offering you an opportunity to attend programs at different venues, for networking and allows to connect with SMEs and exchange best practices to further fine-tune their professional skills.  In a candid interview with SME Venture, Mr. Karun Kashmiri, Honourable Secretary of Chandigarh Management Association (CMA) explained about the association and current challenges faced by SMEs. Let’s have a glance at it.

  • Can you describe briefly about your journey as an entrepreneur?

I had started my career as a management Trainee after completing my Management Degree and left my job after putting 12 years in the job. My last designation was Factory Manager. Then I had started my own Venture. The journey was not easy, but we manage to achieve the desired results in manufacturing.

  • Are there some key challenges the SMEs in Chandigarh is facing?

In our Chandigarh, we are confronting challenges such as Skilled Labor, Technology upgradation of Employees, Adoption of Technology at Affordable prices

  • What are the major industries your association members represent?

We have members from all kinds of industries, some of the major industry are: IT, Engineering, Renewable Energy, Banking & Finance, Education

  • What are the regular activities of your association?

We do Seminars, Workshops, Lectures, Industrial Visits on a regular basis.

  • Can you explain about the future projects of your association for the SMEs?

We are planning to arrange Seminars on Technology upgradation and bridging the gap between the Industry & Academia

  • Being an entrepreneur, what are the key challenges you have been faced?

Being an entrepreneur, we have faced many challenges while starting  Industry. One of them,  getting a Skilled Labor was the biggest Challenge for me.

  • What according to you, are the top three priorities SMEs should focus in the future?
  1. Technology Integration & Upgradation
  2. Quality Products at Competitive prices
  3. Competition with big Industrial Houses

Before starting any venture do your thorough research and do not rely on research done by others. Do your market survey, according to your product and on your target customers. Collect your own sample sizes. Keep some reserve for advertisement & marketing. Many times, we don’t keep such surplus and many products fail to reach the actual customers due to Proper advertisement and marketing.




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