SME Demystify  Knowledge Series :  Enroute  to progression


Today’s SME  environment is  constantly evolving – be it tax regime or technology.

Sme ‘s  SME Demystify  Knowledge Series brings in expert guidance on challenges that most SME’s are facing in business. Narrowing margins, ambiguity of the new tax regime, rapidly changing technology and succession plans are posing severe survival  challenge.

Mr.Yogesh Bhosale, Founder & CEO, welcome all the delegates and invite Mr.A.Y.Akolawala, Hon.Jt.Secretary, Thane Small Scale Industries Association (TSSIA), addressed & welcome all the members of the association.

Later Ms.Poonam invite Mr.Darshan Shah  from Tally solutions, he discussed  GST impact on accounting and how softwares such as tally can help  smoothen the transition. With launch of the GST, SMEs are still struggling to understand the tax structure under the new regime. Clearing the doubts that are still boggling the SMEs,  this MADE IN INDIA  software is providing support to its customer. Being the only product with no separate modules eases out the function and operatability. This is extremely useful especially when there is a change announced by the GST council, customer does not have to depend on the release by the company. The change can be incorporated by him.

There are certain HSSN code needed while filing the returns and there was lot of ambiguity about it. The need of the hour is to find software that will provide the flexibility. Taking a step ahead it should also have features that prompt error in the input or may be generate report where the error is pointed out to help you rectify.

The software should have features that can incorporate needs of different industries for transactions,Inter state,Intrastate ,Reverse charge mechanism,Invoice generation etc.

He summed up saying that GST implementation is nothing but a transition to a digital India.

Aravindh G, General Manager –SMB. D-link India in his product presentation talked about entire gamut of product offering from D-link for the SMEs.  D-link has an impressive range in the security space which is prority for any business setup. He also shared the remarkable presence of the cabling portfolio of D-Link.

The strength of the vendor lies not only in wide range of product lines but after sales service is equally critical. D-link is known for its excellent R&D and experienced service centers.

Our 1st Guest Speaker, Mr.Sudhir singh, Founder – Excelict Technology, underlined the importance of leveraging technology to expand business. In his presentation, Singh pointed out how fast internet and technology has touched upon various aspects of our lives and business is no exception for the same. The digital adataption of SMEs is beyond internet and emails. The real digitization is adopting technology to conduct the entire transaction on digital platforms. Naming a few popular applications he talked about various digital platforms where community users like fisherman are demonstrating the benefits of adaptations.

With all the above changes, he insisted not to compromise on the security quotient.

Mr.Narendra Joshi, DGM – Tata Docomo Business Services  for “smart solutions for SMEs”, In his crisp presentation Joshi pointed how there is change everywhere. Even in organizations there is change in culture where work from home, home delivery and goods delivery at home are no more exceptions. All the devices are almost hand portable. With Social media in our lives, We are more connected  than ever before at such affordable price. With such drastic changes, Tata Docomo has his products catering to needs of the businesses.

Our 2nd Guest Speaker, Dr Meeta Dixit, Head Research & Consultancy, Centre for family managed business – SPJIMR, conducted an interactive session with delegates on preparing next generation for growth and continuity of business. Moulding the generation that is intelligent, tech-savvy  and hunting for challenges is not an easy task.

Their ability to accept and face challenges head on and be the change is commendable. It is this potential that the elders in the family should start tapping. Although Family business  is already set up but with time certain aspects have to be introspected.  Giving them the freedom to take the decision in the businesss will give them a sense of credibility. Although building up affiliation to the business should start very early. For instance, simple exercises like sharing with them the stories of the early business struggles and milestones. Grooming younger generation is important but it has to be done tactfully by taking them along.

Although ground reality is that the younger generation refuses to sit on the shops but it is in the hands of the seniors to create a positive image of the business. Giving the reins of digital platforms of the business will help them relate to the business activities. Mentor your children-do not boss them.

In the end, Mr. Yogesh Bhosale, founder thanked the delegate for the enthusiastic participation and speakers for sharing their profound knowledge.