Serving to the dream project of Narendra Modi’s “Saubhagya Yojana”-Mr. Chaitanya Jain, Kusum Industries

In today’s world of survival of the fittest, one has to be equipped with knowledge, experience, as well as ambition.

The successful entrepreneur Chaitanya Jain, Managing Director of Kusum Industries has a very humble background.He always wanted to be an entrepreneur since his childhood. After completing his Industrial engineering education, Chaitanya decided to become an entrepreneur with the aim of providing employment to as many people as possible. In 2001, he started his venture “Boni Foods” with a capital of Rs 20000 which deals in manufacturing of packet food. He poured his four previous years in the business but unfortunately that business didn’t work, but the passion to become an entrepreneur was still alive.

The era of infrastructure development was in full swing in the year 2004. The new government has taken the charge in the state and the focus on strengthening of infrastructure was on the topmost priority.

During that time, he got an opportunity to run a PCC Electricity Poles Factory on a leasehold basis by M.P State Electricity Company. The PCC Poles are used in the Rural Electrification and there was a huge requirement of the product in the country and   Foreseeing the market potential of the product, he decided to get into the deep research of the manufacturing technology of the product. He got to know the in and outs of the business. Initially, he dealt with all the departments of Business viz Purchase, Production, Finance, Marketing, and Sales.

As in the industry of manufacturing PCC electricity poles, the technology of manufacturing was very obsolete and the peer members of the industry were following the same old-fashioned methodology. This made him look forward to the advanced and improvised system of manufacturing and then he started visiting different places where advanced system existed. He adopted the new system and erected his maiden owned new plant with all latest methodology. His plant was then considered one of its own kind and the first advanced plant in the state. That really was the proudest moment for him and that scaled up his confidence level

The business was scalable and then he started his journey of expanding the business. Presently he is having five manufacturing plants across the state of Madhya Pradesh and serves all the three discoms of the state.

Recently, his company is serving to the dream project of our honorable Prime Minister namely “Saubhagya Yojana “ to make reach electricity to each and every household of villages. His future endeavors are to step in smarter products related to Electrification. Along with this, future prospects of solar energy can also be explored. Solar Energy is the future of India. We have exceptionally good conditions for solar energy. Solar energy deployment increased at a record pace in the United States. India is decades behind the US on the technology front in energy – we are heading for a major economic and environmental disaster. This renewable source of energy will not only help us to counter economic and environmental disasters, but also lead us to “CLEAN AND GREEN LIVING”.

His ultimate goal is to turn his business into a more lucrative business where he can serve his country and society by providing a good service, a good product and create jobs. He wants to be a part of the nation’s growth.

He wants to develop more kills related to new technology and automation that influences the behavior of business and enables significant transformation. He takes the initiative to identify problems and devise solutions.He has a cheerful and positive personality that makes him a joy to work with and enables him to adopt all kinds of environment.He is very passionate about traveling, learning about new cultures, playing chess and loves music.

He is also associated with an MSME association, namely “Madhya Pradesh Small Scale Industries Organization”. This is a state level MSME association which provides a platform to its members to take forward their issues to the government bodies. This is a body having around 1500 Nos. of MSME of Madhya Pradesh.He has taken lead and  started a wing of youth entrepreneurs namely “MPLUS YOUNG

ENTREPRENEURS CELL”.He heads this organization and conducts workshops on different subject across the country.


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