Leadership –Origin and Significance

The word Leader has always had some mystical bearings. The word had it’s origin some two hundred years ago at the advent of the first Industrial Revolution. It is the birth of a thought within the inner frame work that gives rise to external qualities of a human being. The epitome of these qualities put together help in the formation of the Leader’s Mind. From the creation of this special Mind emerges a human being who is ready to travel through unchartered paths and dive into the Unknown. He has the courage to lead people . He has the courage to create the Future Enterprise.
Certainly in different eras of evolution we come across leaders who have shaped the destiny of Mankind. They stood out against the fabric of Cultural Progress .

Leadership in the Digital Era

Today in the Information Era which is powered by Digital Turbines we are witnessing Change taking place in our society as never before. Everything on your fingertips has empowered the human race to dream the impossible and to bring that dream into reality. The Leadership forthis very Unique Environment needs to be understood and realized if the enterprise wants to sustain and grow. In the phenomenal world of High Speed and Digital commerce the fundamentals of Values ,Virtues and Ethics become stronger and stronger. The Leader of the Future Enterprise needs to establish a Bond of Trust among his people. He should be able to sound real and should resonate the energy of his ideas among the workforce thereby creating an invisible chord that can bind human minds and hearts for a particular activity or purpose.This is known as weaving the magic of leadership which makes ordinary people perform in an extraordinary manner. The skill needed for this to happen is known as humanism.

Goodness Factor creates Sustainable Teams

The feeling of Goodness is the other quotient that should flow from the armour of the New Age Leader. Every activity however small or appearing to be insignificant carried within an organization should give the individual working a feeling of inner satisfaction and pride. The individual should be able to rise within his or her self to the cause or purpose with which the enterprise is associated. For this very reason the Future Enterprise cannot be just profit driven but should transform into a prosperity driven organization where the wealth gets generated and distributed meaningfully for all who are a part of the ecosystem. Thus the New Age Leader is able to connect the power of Leadership into an energy equation which touches the very core of one’s thinking, feelings and belief processes. This then gets displayed as collective behaviour giving rise to enterprise culture. At the bottom of this build up on Culture is the true essence of empathy. The New Leader will always put himself into the shoes of his colleagues before taking a decision for action. This very act will resonate among his people spreading the silent warmth of true innate wellbeing.
Being digitally connected the workforce of the Future will have access to a steady flow of untreated and unfiltered information. The new age Leader ‘s responsibility lies in channelizing the free flow of information and converting it into nuggets of knowledge which will enrich and empower his enterprise. Now to do this he needs to have his/her Vision pathway ready leading to a higher Goal. The building up the Internal Knowledge Quotient of an enterprise becomes of vital importance. Imagination, Ideas and Innovation become the mantras through which one can reach out to ones audience in the market place. The sensitive nature of the leader who is addressing a problem in human society will be given a boost making his business profitable and sustainable. It now remains with the new age Leader to analyse raw data and come to a specific detail which becomes the basis of his forward journey.

Technological Churn and the Moral Responsibility

Technological disruptions in a fast changing world is creating a churn. This churning is giving out the sweetness of nectar as well as the bitterness of poison. The New age Leader should be able to spread the nectar of human kindness and compassion enabling the people surrounding him to experience joy and meaningfulness. Thus he needs to have a holistic vision. Individuals who become part of his organization need to be nurtured and the conscious awakened. This in turn will get reflected in the society outward giving rise to the happiness quotient. It then becomes the moral responsibility of the new age leader to create an awakened citizen on planet Earth capable of restoring and rejuvenating the Planet for Future Generations.

About the Author

Dr.Nitin Parab

Dr. Nitin Parab is a Corporate warrior with over 20 years of experience. Presently he is a CEO and Business Strategic Adviser with Crosslink International He is also the Strategic Adviser –India Operations to SRE-USA a Waste To Energy solution provider.
With Crosslink International he helps organization re structurer themselves on their leadership front by carrying out a Leadership Audit. Also helps organizations get into new age Branding and position themselves for Global Markets.