The Growth of PCPIR is crucial for the development of Manufacturing Sector-Mr. M.A.Hania,President of Dahej Industries Association

The Dahej Industries Association is an apex and premier body of all the industries, an association which takes care of the interest of all the industries, representing any issues with all the state governments agencies, departments like GIDC, GPCB, GEB, Water & other agencies, departments. The DIA is a single window source for all the new upcoming projects in PCPIR, helping new Industries making available all the required data for planning, conceiving projects, thus assisting New industries in decision-making process made easy. In a candid interview with SME Venture, Mr. M.A.Hania, President of Dahej Industries Association(DIA) explained about the association and current issues of SMEs. Let’s have a glance at it.

1.When did you elect as a president of the Dahej Industries Association and how was your journey?

I introduce myself as Magan Hania, President, Dahej Industries Association since 2012 and since then have been continuously unanimously elected as President till date.

I am a witness for the initial industrial development in this region since 1994.

2. Could you deliberate, what are the activities you have been undertaken in the association?

Dahej Industries Association (DIA) consisting of about 132 nos of large,medium,small scale industries of various sectors like petrochemicals,fertilizers,chloralkalies,pesticide, port, dyes and dyes intermediates,colours,pharmaceuticals,textile,tire,plastic,steel,shipbuilding, engineering having total is of about 453 sq kilometers having SEZ and PCPIR structure.

The activities carried out by association was follow-up and coordination between members and governments for development of large infrastructure such as six lanes road connectivity, broad gaze rail connectivity, ROPRO ferry service from Dahej to Ghog ha, Housing Colony, Disaster Management Centre,

CEPT, Solid Waste Treatment Site, Common Incineration facilities, 150 MGD raw water line facility, 100 MLD Desalination Project for the fast industrial growth in this region.

3. Being the president of association what are the schemes for SMEs you prefer to undertake in 2019?

  • Development of common basic infrastructure like road, electricity, Natural Gas, Water, Effluent Discharge facility to SME Units.
  • Single Window Clearances System for getting various government approvals.
  • Ease of doing business with GIDC, GPCB.
  • Development of Housing Colony in GIDC residential area.
  • Development of Disaster Management Centre.
  • Development of Skill Development Centre.
  • Development of CAAQMS and Centre for Excellence for various R&D and other facilities

4. Is there any larger issue that you are trying to address as a president of the Association?

PCPIR is a specifically delineated Investment Region planned for the establishment of production facilities for petroleum, chemicals, and petrochemicals. This PCPIR is spread over 453 On the east of the Gulf of Khambhat, in Bharuch District. PCPIR consists of Dahej industrial area having Dahej GIDC  D-1, D-2  &D-3, Dahej SEZ-I & II, Saykha GIDC (A & B) and Vilayat GIDC (including jubilant  SEZ). At present, there are about 227 operating industrial units in the Dahej PCPIR region. The existing common environmental infrastructures facility, requirement of huge quantity of industrial water, development of disaster management centre,CEPT,Common deep sea pipeline network,TSDF,Incineration,MEE, Co processing facilities, Spray Dryer, Decontamination Facility, Spent Acid Management, Common E-waste Facility, MSW Site and STPs (Residential and Commercial Establishments including Villages)

5. What according to you are the top three priorities SMEs should focus in this year?

  • Re-laying of existing 90 MLD 4.5 km long off-shore pipeline along with diffuser into deep sea as per NIO. The existing off-shore line is damaged/buried. Looking at the fast growth of PCPIR region, this capacity of 90 MLD with connected pumping stations is going to become inadequate.
  • The PCPIR region does not have common infrastructures (except few private agencies on a commercial basis with limited capacities) like TSDF, Incinerator, Co-processing Facilities, MEE, Spray Dryer,
  • Development of Skill Development Centre. Development of CAAQMS and Centre for Excellence for various R&D and other facilities

6. What are the key challenges you have faced as an entrepreneur in the initial days and how did you overcome it?

When Dahej was started in 1994 noting was available for industries like water, electricity, road connectivity, gas facilities, electricity etc.

It was started by five entrepreneurs like Birla Copper, IPCL, GACL, Pushpa Polymer and Welspun from zero levels. The land was directly acquired from local farmers and initial facilities were started with the common sharing of above five entrepreneurs.

Later on, GIDC has started acquisition of some land and new entrepreneurs were started their business.

During initial days all types of Challenges were faced by the industries and the growth has been started after 2007.

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