“Focusing on Advanced Technologies to Manufacture World Class Products” – Mr. Amith Shah, Classic Marble Company(CMC)

Mr. Amit Shah, Managing Director, Classic Marble Company

Classic Marble Company (CMC) was founded in 1994, like a marble company specializing in all varieties of the natural stone. Over the last two decades, the company has included a gamut of products in its portfolio that cover the entire spectrum of surface designs. From modest beginnings, CMC marched on to become a global brand in the architectural world of stones led by the visionary leadership of Mr. Amit Shah as its Managing Director.

Today the company serves as a reputed single source for over 500 exquisite natural stones from over 40 countries that include Italy, Turkey, Spain, Greece, Brazil, USA, Sweden, Norway and Mexico among others. KalingaStone is CMC’s flagship brand for engineered marble and quartz products and is the most popular brand in the segment in India as well as overseas. CMC has recently launched ‘9th Avenue’ which comprises of a limited edition collection of the rarest and most beautiful natural stones found on earth.

In the recent past, CMC has also has teamed up with international tiles makers to market the latest ultra-thin, large sized porcelain slabs in the Indian market. This includes Techlam, Iris, Kalesinterflex, and Quadra. The company has maintained its leadership position in the field and has constantly adapted to the growing demand of its times to offer superior designs for the architectural world.

“The need for quality and choice in marble and other stones germinated when I was redoing the interiors of our residence. At the time, the marble market was very fragmented and offered limited choices in colors and designs. We founded CMC to offer limitless choices to our customers and revolutionized the marble space. CMC also went on to pioneer in the art of making composite stones in India which today is the highest selling product in the market,” says Mr. Amit Shah.


Early Days:

Hailing from a family with a business background in textiles, Mr. Shah felt a natural inclination to building his career as an entrepreneur, although in a different sphere. He had identified very early on that the Marble and Stone industry in India has strong growth potential. He was quick to latch on to the opportunity. Soon with a team of experts, he launched CMC. Mr. Shah was only nineteen when he got himself acquainted with the marble trade business and began trading in some of the most exotic marble varieties for the elites in the country. The company bagged quite a few prestigious projects under Mr. Shah’s leadership and made its way to the top in the natural stones business within a span of a decade.

Leadership Qualities:

With 25 years of experience, within the industry, Mr. Shah is known as the Guru with sound technical knowledge and expertise, on the subject of stones. His outstanding marketing skills played a pivotal role in creating and raising the popularity of engineered stones in the Indian market. He constantly seeks to reinvent the business model and diversify it which has led to CMC having a product portfolio that is unmatched by any other company in the country. Self-driven, his passion and involvement in decision-making have added to the company’s growth and in extending its line of business. His technical know-how, managerial skills, and market awareness has placed CMC amongst the top importers of natural stone and has made it the leading manufacturer of agglomerated stones in India.

With a zeal for scaling new heights, Mr. Shah propelled the company’s growth by continuously advancing operations and technologies to expanding its vendor base to improving the quality of products and services.

The Revolution:

Gradually spreading its wings, in 2009 CMC launched its brand for engineered stones – KalingaStone. While importing natural stones, Mr. Shah realized the wide demand for the next-gen engineered stones in the international markets. At the time, no other player in India had step foot on this turf. He took the calculated risk based mostly on his intuitive forecast on demand for engineered products globally and set up production lines for engineered marble and quartz. The decision worked in favor of CMC and saw the emergence of its flagship brand – KalingaStone, which today is the leading name in the engineered or composite stones segment. The rest is history and Classic Marble Company successfully began exporting to the same countries from where it had been importing natural stones. Today CMC has established markets for its KalingaStone products in over 53 countries across six continents and has become a much sought after brand in the domestic and international market.

Production Capacity:

Over the last two decades, Classic Marble Company has supplied more than 110 million sq. ft. of imported marble in the country and is the first in its league to achieve this feat. With a capacity to manufacture 30 million sq. ft. of marble, limestone, among others per annum, its plant can stock up to 30,000 metric tons of raw blocks and 500,000 sq. m. of finished marble. Its natural marble plant is equipped with the latest modern machinery and employs advanced processing technologies. It is the only company in India that deploys vacuumised resin filling which ensures that even the smallest pores in marble are filled which add strength to the finished marble.

KalingaStone has 4 states of the art factories at the 2,00,000 sq. m. dedicated plant in Silvassa and offers an array of over 200 varieties of composite marble and quartz. This plant has the world’s finest polishing machines from SIMEC (Italy) with 36 polishing heads which impart the desired glossiness to the finished product. The factory produces 25 million sq. ft. of composite marble and 5 million sq. ft. of quartz per annum and its block gantry can store up to 2100 blocks (approx. 3,000,000 sq. ft.) of marble. KalingaStone stands for exemplary quality and its adherence to international standards has earned itself reputation across the globe.

Classic Marble Company has exclusively collaborated with international tiles majors, Techlam – Spain and Iris – Italy, Kalesinterflex – Turkey, and Quadra – Indonesia for marketing the world’s finest porcelain designs in India.

The company’s core management has nearly fifty years of cumulative experience in assessing, analyzing and identifying the best stones and their multifarious varieties. Headquartered in Mumbai, Classic Marble Company has showrooms in Bhandup and Worli and employs close to 900 people at its various depots and showrooms spread across the country.

With a range of more than 700 stones, the company offers an exhaustive variety in natural marble, granite, onyx, travertine and limestone, engineered stones and porcelain slabs.

Products and Services

  • Natural Stones: Marble, Onyx, Travertine, Exotic granite
  • Engineered Stones: KalingaStone Marble and Quartz
  • Porcelain slabs – Techlam, Iris, Kalesinterflex, Quadra


  • Mr. Amit Shah won ET Inspiring Business Leaders of India 2016 award
  • Mr. Amit Shah has been felicitated with Jio Bhamasha Sanmaan Award in July 2017
  • Classic Marble Company has been felicitated by Construction Source India – the Year 2009
  • Awarded as the “Best Innovative Product” by the Indian Institute of Architects, Mumbai – the Year 2010
  • Felicitated by Maharashtra Stone dealer welfare association – the Year 2011
  • KalingaStone won ‘Indian Power Brand’ award in the marble and stone category – the Year 2013
  • Interior Exterior (IN-EX) Awards 2018 for the ‘Product brand of the Year’ for KalingaStone – Terrazzo by Realty Plus – the Year 2018


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