Linksys is Empowering SMEs and Startups through Cloud Manager Solutions Based Products – Kartik Bakshi, Country Manager-India & SAARC

Linksys, the global leader in wireless and networking solutions has been introduced Cloud Manager solution based products aimed especially to address the concerns of CTOs / CIOs and service providers of SMB and Startup networks. During preview showcasing of these products from Linksys, SME Venture arranged a candid interaction with Mr. Kartik Bakshi, the Country Manager, Linksys.

  • As a leader in wireless and networking solutions, what type of opportunities you are going to be looking at?

Linksys is very reputable and one of the leading wireless and networking solutions. We are looking for a bright future and planning to develop strong customer relationships and a strong brand image in the market. Linksys is going to have space in the minds of every customer. We have the necessity of partnerships to invest and grow the brand name. But the work should be processed in the right way. We need to treat partners and distributors very well. Along with this, we want to work to develop a brand name. So that is our key focus for  2 to 3 months.

  • Most SMEs think technology and outsourcing can be expensive. How true is that? / What’s your opinion?

Most SMEs will encounter financial difficulty during their business development, especially as they are rising out. Because of this, obtaining access to the richest technologies may determine very difficult. While SMEs may profit from downloading inventory software, for example, if finances are already an issue this can be difficult if the technology is costly.

Few of SMEs believe that their budget has the potential to allow them access to the same technologies as more substantial companies. Outsourced tech support, landline telephones, and cloud computing technologies also come at a notable cost to SMEs. And SMEs should keep in mind that although technologies like cloud manager solutions are moderately expensive, they have its own value and advantages which will be beneficial for the development of SMEs.

  • Can you describe how the cloud manager solution based products will be beneficial for SMEs and Startups in their business growth?

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), cloud computing have many advantages – mainly economic ones. As the data and applications are treated remotely, it does away with the expense and inconvenience of hardware and software acquisition and support. Cloud-based solutions are easy to understand, execute, monitor, and track. It circumvents the demand for expert IT personnel, enabling the end user to read and follow instructions in their chosen language. In fact, by its very nature, cloud solutions are based on user-friendly technology standards. Amongst the most important benefits for SMEs looking for cloud-based solutions are ‘ease of access’. Our cloud manager solution based merchandises can be sourced, bought and commenced up without any requirement for local salespeople, suppliers or maintenance personnel. This has not only attached the SME to a largely available network of cloud products and services but also made it attainable to the supply side of cloud-companies. These cloud-technology suppliers can now reach a large customer base of SMEs, through, supporting them to provide services at aggressive prices through an OpEx model, that the industry can surely afford.

  • As per your view, how are your cloud manager solution-based products are different from others in the market?

Our Linksys Cloud manager solution-based products are fully responsive and mobile ready, enabling you to manage networks on the go from a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone with no further app to download. Our annual cloud license is covered with all cloud competent Linksys Access points, making Linkys Cloud manager absolutely affordable. And, because it is so easy to use, you will save money on expensive technical training. With the capacity to handle your networks remotely, you will also spare the time and cash that would come with traveling to present user support. It will accomplish all of your accounts and their networks, sites, access points, devices and clients from a single login.

  • Can technology make life easier for SMEs? What are your thoughts on the rate of tech adoption on SMEs?

Technology today is truly helping organizations to deliver better workforce utilization and also at the same time reduces HR administrative costs. The Technology model landscape has increased in modern years on the back of a series of new service models, including HR analytics and cloud-based offerings such as Software-as-a-Service. Our Cloud-based products have continually been invaluable to organizations in facilitating their SME leaders to deliver higher value by enhancing workforce competitiveness and controlling labor costs. The influence of cloud-based applications have been especially evident with personal data, compliance data, etc. being stored and organized on the cloud, available just a click away, therefore, greatly reducing the need for physical storage and IT support. Finally, I can say, Cloud computing is the technology answer to most SMEs, enabling them to utilize cloud platforms to focus on their center competencies and deliver their services certainly and without the nuisance of bothering about the supporting technology foundation.

  • What is your next strategy to reach out SMBs?

We are giving more priorities to SME Sector and startups. Therefore, to reach them, we are planning several strategies to reach out SMBs. Starting traveling and educating our partners and customers on the key features of the product is our next strategy. And we are also focusing on  Free software, sales support, promotional support, planning for IT channel scheme, loyalty programs and so on. For more and more lead generations, we will approach proficient agencies.





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