“Entrepreneurs should keep their knowledge upgraded with the latest technologies”-Mr. Digamber S. Muley , Vijay Gears

Digamber S Muley

When did you start your journey as an Entrepreneur? So What were the hurdles you overcome?

Our journey as an Entrepreneur was started in the year 1994. We do not face any remarkable major hurdles as business was continued in systematic planned ways

At present, what are the current challenges MSME entrepreneurs are facing in today’s era?

GST payments on a monthly basis. Customers are usually demanding 90 days payment terms, whereas we have to pay GST on Sale within 15 days. So cash flow is getting affected. Govt. Subsidies are not released on time. Therein too much of a delay. Bank interest rates are high. Flight frequency from Aurangabad to Mumbai and Delhi are too less. Also, direct flight to Bangalore/ Ahmedabad / Rajkot and other such developed cities are not there.

According to you, what are the reforms / Policy Changes are necessary to boost your business?

Quality of Engineering students is to be improved. We are not getting quality Engineers. Time wasted in giving basis job knowledge is high. In the Engineering course, at least 6 months of practical learning in Industry is required before completion of course.

What are the benefits your customers get from your products?

Best Price, At par quality, Quick deliveries, unique mechanical solution, Wide range of Models.

Can you mention some of the current opportunities in the MSME Sector?

  • Entering into Global market
  • Business with multinational companies
  • Technology upgradation.
  • Entry in Defense sector for various product developments.

Any advice for young and aspiring Entrepreneurs?

  • Work Smartly.
  • Love your product and Business
  • Active part in Social work
  • Always stay in a positive attitude
  • Keep your knowledge upgraded aligned with latest technologies.



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