Key Challenges for Forthcoming Smart Cities in India

smart cities

Union Government has launched, ‘Smart Cities Mission to enhance public lives. As an expanding number of humans are migrating closer to Urban India, the towns want better sanitation, transport, electricity supply, affordable housing, digitization & IT connectivity, sustainable environment, and proper governance to call a few. As consistent with a research report, extra than 30% of Indian population dwells in round 500 cities of India. The wide variety is supposed to boom in future scanning the fast growth and urbanization going on in India. Staring at this advancement there may be an incredible need to combine Information and Communication Technology efficiently, efficiently and thoroughly into the cities to ensure a higher life-style for the future and gift residents.

Moreover, smart cities mission idea takes a specialty of the holistic development of the cities rather than simply making them technologically superior. Problems like right sewage device, proper infrastructure, housing, planning and availability of distinctive simple services could be addressed in this plan as properly. In brief, the most urgent wishes and possibilities can be conceptualized.

Major Challenges Being Overlooked

  1. Financing: Smart cities project is not smartly privileged, regrettably, in terms of funding. Financing is said to be one in every of the largest challenges about the clever town undertaking. The general investment accepted underneath the smart city plans of 90 cities has gone up to Rs 1, 91, 155 crores. Now, that’s whopping. With the presence of country-subsidized organizations additionally, the task appears to haven’t any desirable start. Banks financing these projects as of now is the major goal of a considerable boom inside the range of non-performing belongings. The authorities are currently taking steps to finance those projects with the aid of making modifications within the finances and we hope the problem is addressed to soon.
  2. Lack of Center-State Co-ordination: Fruitful implementation of a mission can be done handiest if there may be coordination among diverse authorities our bodies. There is a need of proper law in terms of planning for the development of smart cities. Both horizontal and vertical co-ordination is the needful right now.
  3. Availability of Master Plan: Most cities in India do now not have their grasp plans and development plans in the vicinity. This is a miserable state of affairs if we talk approximately growing them into smart towns. The presence of each the specifications is the important thing to the implementation and encapsulation of the smart city mission as this is wherein the changes might be monitored and there is no different way to make it easy, better and green. Unfortunately, maximum cities in India lack the presence of it.
  4. No time determine connected to the plan: The entire smart metropolis plan is one massive plan which has to get all the clearances if now not before time then on time. Everything has to be online and well-timed which sadly isn’t happening in this case. The most important step to be taken in this context would be setting up an unmarried regulatory body which monitors all the requisite approvals for the assignment. Doing this will cope with essential problems considered one of co-ordination and one will be the timely execution. Also, the frame needs to be entirely responsible to cater to the financial necessities.
  5. Availability of centers: We are very lots confidential to the unlucky truth that India as of now is not that equipped about skilled manpower and advanced generation requirements for developing one hundred smart cities. That is a large variety and requires a lot of skilled efforts. If we communicate approximately growing professional hard work and capacity building, not good deal funds were allotted using the center and country in such projects. Such tasks contain training, studies and a hefty database for execution. This is a huge trouble in our India of an as it’s far a place which has not been targeted upon as of now. These programs assist in many approaches like a time-bound final touch.
  6. Corruption: This factor probably was meant to be from the primary as that is the root purpose for all above demanding situations. But if we speak approximately it that is also a major challenge. Both at middle and state stage corruption is liable for all of the co-ordination mismatch and time lag going on. The financial constraint additionally comes what may creep in because of this difficulty. Corruption in India is an undertaking which has always been a motive for non-execution or ineffective execution of most huge tasks within the country.

All the above points are exemplary of the truth that the smart city project although being a dream venture has many implementation challenges. The task has been released with exclusive names frequently, however, the very last outcome continues to be awaited.

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