How digital marketing can contribute to the development of SMEs


SMEs in India to contribute about 45% of the country’s total industrial output. They are also creating about 1.3 million employment every year. Being a big segment in India along with 49 million members they are battling to sustain  in growth and revenue. As with any SMEs one of the difficulties to find cost effective ways to discover more and more potential customers. A key chance here is the open and a limitless market on  the internet. 42.3% of the Indian population using internet in India. Facebook is comprising the huge users in India, which is an essential digital market for SMEs.

But each entrepreneurs have the issue that how to enter into the world of marketing to spread the products they offer. Digital marketing solves this issue easily.and it comes at the fraction of the traditional methods of advertising. The vital premise of digital marketing is better visibility leading to enterprise growth in the short run and brand esteem in the long run.

Few of the processes followed by enterprises in digital marketing are SEO, Email newsletter campaigns, social media promotion and many more. The utilization of each platform relies on the product or service you are offering. For instance, social media is appropriate for the industry in which youth involves.

Superior visibility:

If a small venture from India manufacture a product of Rs.1000, at a same time Australia also offering the same product on Rs.1500.A user from another country may purchase only the one that gets listed in the top of the search engine results. So if the product from Australia comes top of the search engine, users will buy it.Its not because the Indian product is bad, but it’s because the product is not visible for the user. So in digital marketing we are paying for engagement and visibility.If proper digital marketing had been made for the product of India it would have been listed in the top search results.

Business growth:

Good visibility will outcome in lead generation, which will improve the industry. Since the market is huge, the aspects that restrict development will be fewer.

Brand rate:

Whether it is a product or service, the internet is the primary platform where populace look for the information. Hence, if  the user, capable to see the business he discovers  for, it generates an impression in his or her mind that this business is energetic and a presumed one. People now rate a brand on the foundation of their online existence.

It is simple to set up an online presence by setting up a website for the industry and signing up for a number of social media websites. But it’s only a beginning. As the market is huge, there will be many competitors and in order to set out from this enormous crowd, we require to go for a digital marketing policy that is united with our differentiated offering. This is facilitated by the high levels of targeting that are potential in the digital world. A digital marketing policy should make utilization of the diverse mediums like email, search engine, and social media to develop the chances offered by each media. Utilize email to attain to a broad audience, search engine optimization to augment your visibility, social media for enhanced customer commitment and edificing brand reliability.


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