Avenue Growth – India’s first customer acquisition startup, an innovative idea that can save many startups.

Avenue Growth

Today there are 90% of startups in India lacks in generating strategic sales solution for their business. One of the potential reason behind is limited availability of funds, because of which most startups aren’t fully equipped with sales and marketing professionals. To evolve the way of sales generation, Avenue Growth came up with the idea of providing a sales outsourcing medium. Today developed economies like the US, UK and Germany are leveraging their business by going the sales outsourcing way.

Avenue Growth is a platform which aims at providing sales solution for the businesses via engagement of growth specialists to aid the expansion of startup arms in India. The core benefit of Avenue Growth’s sales solution is that the team is not restricted for any specific location or industry. Get sales solution anywhere, anytime with orientated results.

India’s ever-strengthening economic arms demands business to run on an incremental frequency. Here’s why? The phase of Indian economy has lifted 8.2% in the first quarter of 2018, a figure which itself describes the soaring growth of development in India. With the advent of digitization, many innovative and creative minds have come up with their own specific set of businesses.

According to the reports of Economic-Survey 2015-16 released by Government the country has more than 19,000 technology-enabled startups, led by consumer Internet and financial services startups in India. Talking about the current scenario of startups in India in 2018, there is an approximate of 8,625 people launched their businesses in the market.

But if we look deliberately at this rapid stance of startups there is one serious fight. All these startups face difficulty in scoring sufficient sales for their businesses.

Avenue Growth

The ardent benefits with which Avenue Growth secure startups

Sales outsourcing is a smart way to let your sales brood without disturbing the capital flow of your business.

  1. Cost-cutting approach: One of the prime reason behind the failures of startups is the lack of business generation while maintaining the payroll of dedicated employees. However, with sales outsourcing, this parameter of fixed monthly payroll is eliminated. You pay only for the achieved results i.e increase in sales generated by Avenue Growth Specialists.
  2. Experience working with sales and marketing professionals: The another compelling reason with which Avenue Growth can benefit sales paradigm of startups is by associating growth specialists with prior 10 to 15 years of experience with your business.
  3. Expand the reach of your business: Often startups remain confined within a particular demographic reach since spreading business to other parts requires an in-person presence. Avenue Growth has a wide range of highly flexible sales team at various locations throughout India, which allow startups to run their sales at any particular remote location.
  4. Boost lead generation: Creating a strong lead generation is a very crucial component of any startup. Avenue Growth sales professionals, however, are experts in digging the right kind of leads due to vast exposure of vivid domains. This process saves a company’s significant amount of resources and energy as well.
  5. Deduction in expenditures and time spent on recruitment and hiring: When a company needs to do a hiring there are a lot of processes involved from updating the careers section of your website to submitting the vacancies on external portals to keeping track of the received applications and finally conducting a set of interview rounds. This sounds a bit time to consume and hectic right? But with Avenue Growth the series of steps involved reduced to one only! You describe your requirement and get associated with a qualified & experienced Growth Specialist.
  6. Receive benefit from improved and effective sales service: Avenue Growth is founded by a sales and marketing expert Rachit Mathur with a determined vision of providing efficient sales solutions to startups and other organizations. The Avenue Growth platform is highly technology-enabled, which means the client can see the results of the associated growth specialist via an online dashboard provided by the company. At any certain point of time, the client has the right to measure the growth by tracking the details of the dedicated dashboard.

The pitch idea behind Avenue Growth helping Startups

Today Avenue Growth is successfully lifting up the sales in many sectors, not just one, whether it is Technology, Freight, Banking, Restaurant Acquisition or Banking & Finance, Internet, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This outsourcing strategy for sales marketing is making its way in India with Avenue Growth since there are many advantages that run parallel with this approach. Cost efficient, high level of credibility, instant remote location sales manager association, a technology-enabled dashboard to monitor the hike in sales activity and much more.


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