Autodesk e-store targets affordability and accessibility for MSMEs in India


California based software giant, Autodesk received an overwhelming response to its MoU which was rolled out in association with the Maharashtra government to support the MSME sector of India. After making its products available at a considerably affordable rate, with the launch of a subscription-based model, the company is now focused on making its products accessible to the businesses. This led to the launch of the Autodesk e-store which brings some of the company’s most popular products online for its users.

The products are available on a monthly subscription where the users can purchase it online without being limited by time. Autodesk’s products were made available at affordable prices after the company signed a MoU with the Maharashtra government in February last year. Since its launch in May, more than 2,000 companies have signed up with Autodesk and the company anticipates more companies to join by making its products accessible through its e-store.

Since MSMEs often rely on good design for the success of their products, the availability of Autodesk products at an affordable price can help them innovate and create products more effectively. SMEs in the country are often challenged by space and infrastructure when designing their products. Software programs like Autodesk had always been considered expensive for modest startups, but with the new subscription-based model, things look different for companies who may finally have the chance to use the software to build creative products and challenge their competitors.

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