Advantages of Big Data in the Indian Food & Beverages Industry

big data

Big data has revolutionized industry all worldwide. Food and Beverages Industry, in distinct, can largely profit from big data. Be it, manufacturers, retailers or restaurants chains all of them can leverage big data analytics for their business. The functions of big data in food processing enterprise are so huge that from production to customer provider the whole lot may also be optimized. In case you are even somewhat skeptic concerning the advantage of big data then the power of IBM computing is solely the story you will have to learn about.

On-time supply

Food supply can also be enormously optimized and timed using more than a few massive data evaluation tools and tactics. Whilst this comes extra beneath the role of large knowledge in logistics, many food outlets focus on food supply and to not disregard the number of restaurants that furnish house delivery options. Big data can acquire data from various sources like road traffic, climate, and temperature, route and so on and furnish a proper estimate for the time taken to supply items. Also, big data analysis can predict the influence of all of the above factors on food high-quality. Accordingly, information analysis helps be certain that you simply don’t waste your resources in transporting stale products and give perishable food items in good quality.

Operational efficiency

From examining the influence of market developments on stock consumption to the resulting temperature has on food excellent, tremendous knowledge can support food producers and retailers make sure they consistently deliver the first-rate quality viably. But these are usually not the one method huge information can strengthen operational efficiency.

Viewpoint evaluation

Viewpoint evaluation is the monitoring of client emotions over social media networks. Making use of techniques like traditional language processing, data analysis instruments go via the text and categorize it into constructive, poor or impartial. This process of big data analysis can be used by way of food corporations to research their client feelings on a scale. Any awesome review may also be analyzed at scale and preventive movements can also be taken to avoid the unfold of the poor word. This procedure is above all useful for enormous-scale food shops like McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc.

Better quality

The purchaser always expects the same taste in food on the places they love. Although it sounds easy to maintain equal taste, it is a very difficult challenge. The style of food not simplest depends upon the correct size of parts but additionally on their first-class, storage and season. Big data analysis can interpret such alterations and predict the have an impact on every on the food quality and taste. Data analysis may additionally analyze the effect on factors like storage and transportation on excellent of packaged foods. The insights from such evaluation can be utilized to realize affliction aspects and endorse measures for growth.


The superb goal of many big data initiatives is equal – furnish personalized, consumer-centric expertise to every customer. This includes primary analysis of purchaser views like – what they like, how so much they are inclined to pay, what they share on social media, the experiences they make, the experiences they resonate with and so forth. Today big data analytics has made monitoring, collection, and analysis all this information viable.

Market Basket evaluation

Market basket evaluation is a process which predicts the most apparent object that a customer is more likely to buy subsequent. This evaluation is established on the acquisition history of the client and the objects present in his cart. Founded on the insights from market basket evaluation, food retailers and restaurants can create effective combo deals and support their advertising messages.

For example, if upon evaluation it’s obvious that clients pick a muffin with their espresso then a combo may also be created to help consumers experience them collectively. This can be used to propose the correct placement of gadgets to entice patrons to purchase more. Sentiment analysis can be done over an interval of time to make stronger the affectivity of pass-selling marketing messages like presents and coupons.

Customer Service

Customer service is one such phase which is hardest to optimize. Nowadays there are a couple of consumer touchpoints like shops, mobile app, website, social media, review websites, and many others. All of these jointly impact the customer experience and his level of pleasure. Big data in the food industry can help analyze inputs from all these factors to offer significant insights.

McDonald’s, for illustration, has initiated an information-driven culture using leveraging trend-analytics to higher understand the drawback at each restaurant. The suggestion is to establish high-quality approaches to reinforce the restaurant’s overall service high-quality. For illustration, the rapid food chain is working to optimize the drive-thru expertise founded on three motives: design, the information supplied on the menu and the varieties of consumers being served. Big data Analytics helps put inputs from all 3 sources in a single position for collective evaluation.

Thanks to cloud computing that has made massive data analytics approachable for everybody. With many new initiatives coming every day in the big data space it is special that this technological know-how will quickly revolutionize the working of many industries. Data technology has the advantage to resolve any industry-main issue furnished the proper kind of knowledge is to be had.

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