Coal Technology in India: An SME Perception

February 24, 2018 News Desk 0

India is the world’s third major coal producing nation and the fourth leading coal importer. The nation continues to appreciably rely on coal for electricity invention, and this plentiful and reasonable fossil fuel accounts for […]


The Rise in FSI to escalate land parcels

February 22, 2018 smevebqu 0

Recently, the State Government of Maharashtra announced some new amendments in Integrated Industrial Area Policy, 2013 as Industrial Area Policy, 2018 which brought good news for the private practice players dealing in planned industrial areas. […]

Union Budget

Union Budget 2017-2018 , Arun Jaitley

February 10, 2018 smevebqu 0

Union Budget- 2018 has announced sops and innovative measures for the small and medium enterprises. The finance minister Arun Jaitley in his budget speech said Medium, Small and Micro enterprises are a major element of […]