Technology Adoption

Technology adoption challenge for SMEs in India

October 10, 2017 News Desk 0

SME’s- Their significant role in the Indian economy and the challenges they face “Technology Adoption”.Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) at a global level, all over the world, have become the backbone of struggling and developing […]

GST Rates

GST Council meet – New GST Rates

October 9, 2017 News Desk 0

New GST Rates. The introduction of the GST (Goods and Service Tax) in India was brought into existence on 28th February 2006.In the Lok Sabha on 29th March 2017, The GST Act was released. GST, […]

Leather Industry

Manufacturing in Leather Industry

September 25, 2017 News Desk 0

The Manufacturing in Leather Industry has a very vital place in the Indian economy according to the view of its massive potential for exports, growth and employment. The exports of leather and leather products is […]

Cointribe- Hero Small Business


August 16, 2017 News Desk 0

The challenge of successfully running a small business is anything but small. The constant difficulty of securing the financing they need to run and grow a sustainable business can be straining and tenacious for entrepreneurs. […]


August 9, 2017 News Desk 0

Gujarat, a vibrant state and even more vibrant economy is forerunner in various developmental factors. So much so that there is even a ‘Gujarat Model of Development’ study in the field of development and urbanization. […]