SMEs should value the workforce : Mr. K.R. Gopi, President of TMIA

TMIA lays its objective in offering structured growth of infrastructure and a business-friendly environment in TTC MIDC and adjoining areas. In a candid interview with SME Venture , Mr. K.R. Gopi , President of TMIA explained about his industry and association.Lets have a glance on it.

Briefly explain your  journey so far

Like many other people even I used to nurse an ambition to establish my own manufacturing firm.  However, lack of finance was the main hurdle in my path.  Nevertheless I began my journey as an entrepreneur in the year 1990. Based at Ghatkopar, I used to supply equipment and machineries for L&T firms. At present, I am a director of Jasmira Engineers Pvt.Ltd.

Could you tell us about a major challenge you have  faced?  What approach did you take to overcome it?

Lack of finance has been one of the biggest challenges that I confronted when I was beginning Jasmira Engineers Pvt.Ltd. That was the toughest time for me. During those difficult days, one of my friends helped me in mitigating the financial issues. In order to start a business and develop it into a thriving enterprise, we have to wear many hats, especially in the beginning. We had overcome each challenge with patience and with unique strategies.

How was your journey as a president of TMIA?

I was elected as President of TMIA in 2004. Then TMIA was known as Small Scale Entrepreneurs Association (SSEA). We have been struggling more with a lot of challenges. It was a memorable experience when I became president of the association. I handled each issue and responsibilities in a precise manner.

Can you tell us something about your CSR activities?

Alongside being an entrepreneur, I have also taken interest in social welfare activities for over three decades.  3 years back, I started a trust called Zilika foundation to help the families of cancer patients who come from outside the city and who do not have a place to stay during the course of the treatment.We have made an arrangement with Tata Memorial Hospital and the we assist patients with our free ambulance services, food and accommodation and the basic support that are needed.

Is there any further dream you want to accomplish?

It is my ardent desire to set up a hospital for cancer and kidney patients.  I am hoping to fulfill this dream in the near future.

What is your advice for new entrepreneurs?

Novice entrepreneurs must first of all understand the mechanics of their business. They are leaders and must know how to lead the venture. The second advice to entrepreneurs is to value the people who work for you.  One must appreciate that it is only because of the sincere efforts of your workforce you are able to maintain your production targets. By maintaining good relations with your workers you are able to win their loyalty and it would always guarantee their wholehearted support to the organisation through all the phases the organisation’s growth. The third advice to entrepreneurs is to refrain from burdening themselves with unnecessary bank loans.

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