Microsoft seeks Assistance of KPMG to attack on software piracy in India


Microsoft is seeking the help of KPMG to crack down on the illegal employment of its software in India.

Microsoft is trying to extort money under their anti-piracy drive from small businesses and MSMEs under SAM program. It seems like they are violating laws of India.

India is one of the US technology association’s greatest markets in Asia, yet half of the software Introduced on PCs in the nation is unlicensed stated by the reports

A pirated compact disc of Microsoft’s Windows 10 can be purchased for around $2 in New Delhi, contrasted with $130 required with purchase the OS from Microsoft’s online portal

To guarantee consistency, Microsoft runs a worldwide “Software Asset Management” (SAM) program under which it accomplices’ worldwide advisors, for example, KPMG in India, which looks for authorization from entrepreneurs to check for the utilization of unlicensed software

A month ago, Vinit Goenka, a person from the BJP and technology counselor to the administration, whined to the two organizations that a KPMG worker “rupture in” to his Mumbai employment firm without an appointment to test its software, as per mail audited by Reuters. Rajiv Sodhi, a senior Microsoft India official, told Goenka in a March 20 email that the organization was taking a gander at the issue with utmost seriousness. “We are also receiving an assessment agency to carry out an audit of the procedure delivery at KPMG to recognize and accurate gaps if any,” Sodhi wrote in the email evaluated by Reuters.

Microsoft disclosed to Reuters its SAM program keeps running according to worldwide benchmarks, while KPMG said it takes after “fitting systems concurred in our engagement with customers”. Both declined to comment on the affirmed incident and test.

Microsoft and KPMG cannot buy Innocent Indians! Yesterday, there was a discussion was held on NEWSX TV channel, with Journalist Arun Nangia, Vinit Goenka, and two other legal experts to understand the issue.


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