KVIC: 143 Defunct Khadi Units Revived by Using MSME Grants

V K Saxena-KVIC

KVIC claimed that it has revived as many as 143 Khadi units, which were dysfunctional by using the grants from the MSME (Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) and steps have been taken to start production of goods at more of 124 Khadi units.

The Chairman of KVIC V K Saxena said that the organization is taking proactive steps for the reviving of the defunct institutions of Khadi units which were earlier closed due to lower wages, lack of enough funds for replacing the Charkhas and the Looms and also due to the inadequate marketing skills and support. As per the records, until 2011 as many as 267 Khadi institutions and units were closed down due to various reasons.

V K Saxena in his statement said that from the grants received by MSME, KVIC has tried to revive and strengthen the Khadi units and institutions. KVIC have taken grants and released up to 7.23 crores INR since the last year to as many as 143 Khadi units. The funds were released to replace the Looms and Charkhas and to revive production in the Khadi units and institutions. Saxena said that detailed plans are made in order to revive the 124 Khadi institutions in a phased manner. He also claimed that around 63 new Khadi institutions were registered last year and around 89 Khadi units were registered during the year 2015-16 and production in a new phase were started at each of these units and institutions.

KVIC has launched a program known as KIRCS (Khadi Institutions Registration and Certification Sewa) on 2nd October which is an online portal for registration of the new Khadi units and institutions. Several new Khadi institutions have signed under this scheme of the KVIC to revive production.

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