Dynamic role of B2B E-Commerce in MSME Growth in India


The B2B e-commerce industry keeps on advancing and experiences high development in both developed and growing markets. With the development of nonbanking players in the payments industry and creative vertical particular new companies, the Indian e-commerce market is extending at a quick pace. It is also supporting MSME Growth eventually. The advanced commerce market in India has developed persistently from $4.4 billion of every 2010 to $13.6 billion out of 2014 while the worldwide market is determined to reach $1.5 trillion out of 2014. Expanding mobile and internet penetration, m-commerce deals, propelled shipping and installment alternatives, exciting discounts, and the push into new global markets by e-organizations are the significant drivers of this uncommon development.

The huge retailers are progressively concentrating on their digital techniques keeping in mind the end goal to pick up the undeniable advantages of online platforms – more extensive reach, dependably on, personalization to give some examples. The e-commerce organizations are focusing their endeavors on expanding the penetration of their mobile applications for higher development. Enormous players in this space claim to have over half of their income originating from mobile applications.

How is B2B e-commerce one of the reasons for the growth of MSME?

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector in India has been encountering consistent development and is relied upon to develop into a firm establishment for the economy at $3.5 trillion by 2020. Offering financial incorporation and work age, the area’s outstanding commitment to the nation’s GDP says a lot about how MSMEs have outlined an unmistakable example of overcoming adversity up until this point.

Given the capability of MSME segment in India, a few government activities have been propelled to make a favorable business condition in the present situation. Crusades like Digital India, Skill India, Startup India and Make in India plan to furnish MSME players with a level playing field and a complete push towards upgraded efficiency. We can’t deny the way that a previous couple of years has been long periods of extraordinary developments in the MSME part.

Besides the government sector, a few improvements have been seen in the private business portions and the MSME area has picked up significance among these players too. This situation has fuelled development of the B2B e-commerce players, who have not just risen to give specialty administration to MSMEs but at the same time, are filling in as an impetus to the development of the MSMEs and India’s GDP.

The cooperative link for financial development – B2B e-commerce and MSME

A CII and Deloitte India LLP report express that, India’s B2B e-commerce which is worth Rs 19.13 lakh crore ($287 billion) starting today, is assessed to develop by 2.5 times to Rs 45 lakh crore ($700 billion) by 2020.’ another yet critical channel for business exchanges, B2B e-commerce in India is developing at a yearly rate of 51% – the most elevated on the planet. Internet penetration, client’s acquaintance with digital payments and other digital propensities fuelled by B2C e-commerce players roughly 10 years back is a key factor for early appropriation of B2B e-commerce benefit in India; And MSME players remain to pick up massively by utilizing the exponential development of the e-commerce area as most B2B e-commerce players have risen to address long existing MSME challenges, with their one of a kind plans of action as solution.

Few of the solutions that B2B players have possessed the capacity to give to MSMEs in short span are:

  • Trouble-free access to the convenient fund by FinTech players

Given the idea of their work and the labor that they utilize, MSMEs are in ceaseless need of liquidity. Frequently, they keep running into troublesome circumstances versus working capital that influences the smooth supply of raw material. The B2B e-commerce players have been loaning some assistance exactly when an MSME needs a graciousness helpful access to convenient finance through their tie-ups with new-age non-managing an account fund (FinTech) organizations.

  • New age assessment process and security free credits

The FinTech players have possessed the capacity to bring change at different levels of loan forms. A standout amongst the most vital perspective here is giving security free credits. Entrepreneurs don’t generally have insurance to offer in lieu of an advance that they have connected for. Conflicting budgetary history and absence of security are significant reasons why customary banks fearful far from underwriting advances for MSMEs. Despite what might be expected, a B2B ecommerce platform assesses an MSME by means of quality of their customer relationships, cash flows administration, and so forth.

  • Digitization of supply network shorter logistics turnaround time

Guaranteeing promising deliveries and production deadlines become troublesome when there are countless postponements in getting and launching raw materials and completed products. Logistics are accordingly a key factor in constraining the profitability of MSMEs. E-commerce players have countered this issue by sending innovation and human capital. Aside from tending to the Logistics issue, B2B e-commerce players with vast providers as accomplices empower SMEs to get to the quality raw material.

  • Adding incentive to production network with cost sparing services

MSMEs once in a while have a direct interface with their providers and clients. Purchasing from providers or pitching to clients, for the most part, requires a long chain of brokers, adding to expenses and complexities of the buy and sale. With the appearance of online commercial centers, an MSME can slice through superfluous cost and bind of mediators to straightforwardly interface with its providers and clients.

  • Client outreach by means of e-commerce

Extending the client base regularly requires investments that an MSME may discover hard to do. Be that as it may, taking their business to an online commercial center empowers an MSME to extend its client base to a huge degree.

The developing advantageous connection between the B2B e-commerce part and Indian MSMEs is a decent begins towards tending to a portion of the customary issues in the segment. One can plainly observe the working of trust and adaptability in the two gatherings as B2B e-commerce platforms offer more intelligent, bother free and exceptional answers for small ventures.

Ceaseless advancements like digital payments, hyper-local Logistics, analysis-driven client commitment and digital advertisements have empowered the e-commerce industry in India to develop at a considerably speedier rate. Therefore, we are seeing a rising number of small enterprises hopping onto the e-commerce fleeting trend. From using discounts as a formula to concentrating on profit through convenience to easy return strategies, customization, time-bound administrations and less demanding digital interface, B2B e-commerce has made some amazing progress.

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