Current startup challenges and government policies to beat them


Every startup has many challenges and each challenge has a government policy as a solution to overcome with it.

As far back as the aspiring Startup India policy was declared, India saw an unparalleled development in people thinking of new thoughts, new advancements, and new businesses.

This hasn’t stopped, the most promising startups and entrepreneurs from growing. While a large portion of them have the essential domain knowledge, business vision, energy for turning into a business visionary and specialized know-how, be that as it may, they frequently are either not ready to discover a survival ecosystem or can’t understand the approaches and plans which could enable them to develop.

For the first timers,  be it startups or entrepreneurs certain assistance  is required to meet different conditions like multitudinous enrollments, authentications, finance, work and condition related compliances, and different other bureaucratic controls. Startup India in January 2016 through its forceful approaches and impetuses guaranteed to give any such help to such business people.

Indeed, even in the next 2 years, Startup India doesn’t appear to verge on giving such help. It wouldn’t be altogether wrong to state that such defective tasks and idle methodology have just brought about a bunch of new businesses getting to be fruitful.

Imagine if Startup India had launched an exhaustive course which could cover each strategy to encourage you and give you a down to earth feeling of helping your business. How accommodating could that be?

It is unquestionable that there are huge amounts of startup approaches. What is more complete than the approaches is the list of qualifying parameters and compliance that the entrepreneurs are required to hold fast to. These go about as a noteworthy speed breaker for the organizations. What’s more, the practical issues alongside managing the officers simply add on to the inconvenience.

Glance at the 5 most supportive government policies and plans that can enable your startup to develop:

1) Financial Assistance Schemes

Raising assets for any startup is the greatest task. The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises has launched different schemes for guaranteeing that reserves are coordinated towards you in the most straightforward way.

2) Research and Development Scheme

Subsequent to getting the due assets, the following zone that new companies battle with is research and development. A startup which is constantly managing advancement or innovation needs to intensely put resources into innovative work. A startup managing artificial intelligence without R&D group can’t endure. While the majority of the new companies experience immense research before launching a product, after the launch they basically focus on the product and inevitably lose their pertinence.

3) Schemes for Technology Upgrade

Apart from research and development, startups fight back the most to settle at par with the international competition. In the longer run, it doesn’t work out. The technology they started with becomes obsolete or has a depreciating effect on the productivity.

4) Intellectual Property Protection Schemes

It is obvious that India is leaving definitely no space to make a stamp in the universal whole as far as innovative progression. In any case, given our past, it is in the in the open air that different nations have every time guaranteed rights over our developments.

Imagine a circumstance where this transpired. You built up a world-class innovation and before you could patent it, some Chinese organization launched a similar product? What might you do? Intellectual property (IP) insurance is one zone you should be to a great degree careful about it. Read about it, learn or take an online course. It’s for you. Some chines organization launched a similar product? What might you do? IP insurance is one zone you  should be to a great degree careful about it. Read about  to learn or take an online course. It’s for you. Some Chinese organization launched a similar

5) Scheme for Marketing

Broadly unidentified, promoting is one of the greatest difficulties for a startup. While the vast majority of the organizations feel that deals is an obstacle and once there is a steady market, they can be fruitful, notwithstanding, what most don’t understand is that deals are impractical without showcasing. Regardless of whether they understand, they are for the most part out of assets to help marketing vertical.

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