Agri-tech startup Indigram Labs take care of entrepreneurs in food processing and agriculture


Indigram Labs Foundation (ILF) is an innovation-based Incubator established in October 2015 with a dream to advance inventiveness and development in agriculture, and food processing industry. It goes for cultivating and sustaining practical business thoughts through the way toward counseling, tutoring, model creation, utilizing innovation attach ups and access to platforms

ILF has been upheld by the Department of Science and Technology since September 2016, through the National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board, Govt. of India. Indigram, as a gathering, has been around for a long time and has advanced and additionally hatched various ventures throughout the years.
ISAP has an extensive physical nearness the nation over in 18 odd states. ISAP additionally has an expansive digital media presence with its Facebook, applications and Whatsapp bunches with a span of around 400,000 experts, entrepreneurs, students and farmers a dominant part of them are youth.

Sunil Khairnar is a social business person situated in India and Founder of the Indigram Group of social and business wanders, with an essential spotlight on the agribusiness and improvement part. Subsequent to finishing his training in a farming building in 1990 and administration from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad in 1993, Sunil labored for a long time with corporate houses, for example, Godrej and Cargill in residential and universal agri item exchange. He has over 20 years of involvement in the agribusiness, wares and business enterprise development area.

The Chief Mentor and Investment Officer are Ashish Khetan, who holds a degree in MBA-Finance from Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University. He has over 12 years of involvement in agribusiness products exchanging and food processing, budgetary arranging and investigation, tax assessment and administration detailing with organizations like General Electric and Morgan Stanley.

ILF goes about as an extension by making a helpful brooding environment and giving access to innovation, licensing administrations, and prototype development at very ostensible rates to the incubated companies.
At Indigram, they take after identification and selection process. Aside from the inspiration that infers the business visionaries, new companies are chosen based on the energy of the thought, its business model, level of development, the business potential to scale up, and social effect.

Subsequent to accepting the application from entrepreneurs, our group checks for the specialized and business plausibility of the business model; if fulfilled, the business visionary is required a pitch introduction.
The help and administrations do new companies get in ILF
ILF has its brooding space in New Delhi, where they give infrastructure support with very basic facilities. In a traverse of two years, ILF has made an entrepreneurial scaled down biological system with 48 guides, 100+ financial specialists, and a few joint efforts with establishments and associations.
They frequently lead business limit building training for incubatees and potential business people and they guarantee that their incubatees gain admittance to suitable advances and basic subsidizing, in this way making a market-prepared incubated venture. Aside from these, they give other subordinate administrations, for example, lawful support, organization consistency, and accounting.

There are different associations demonstrating incubation services to agri-tech startups. What makes Indigram Labs fruitful is the wide reach of its host association ISAP. ISAP has in excess of 300 devoted workers spread crosswise over 25 field workplaces and 18 conditions of India. It is presently advancing 250 farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) and has set up 1,800 effective agri-ventures through its ACABC program.
With such a solid foundation Indigram Labs can give elite administrations to agriculture and food processing startups. As said before, their huge digital presence helps Indigram Labs and in addition its incuan batees.
According to ILF, Indian policymakers should handle the accompanying difficulties looked by the partners in the startup ecosystem

1. Unavailability of trained labor to lead the incubation center. Additionally, there is no government recognized training program for incubation center staffs

2. Prototype growth and pilot testing costs are not covered by the funds offered

3. The majority of the agri oriented incubatees work from fields and can’t be hatched as physical incubatees. Nonetheless, Government has no arrangement of conceding seed fund to virtual incubators.

4. There ought to be an obligatory impulse for government educational institutions to provide access to technology-based facilities to the technology-based incubators.

5. Institutional patent advisory service should be created under the aegis of government in order to standardize the cost.

ILF aims to incubate 100 quality startups in the next five years from the fields of agriculture, food processing, rural healthcare, and renewable energy. We wish to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem especially in our target areas, where business can be made easier for budding startups.
The Indigram DNA is established in rural development with an emphasis on agribusiness improvement, business enterprise, skilling and provincial social insurance. Talking exceptionally for agri-tech new companies, 60 percent of our country’s populace is reliant on agriculture, and their occupation makes a tremendous degree for agri-tech new companies in the nation.
By proposing an agriculturist amicable spending plan, the GoI is actualizing different techniques to accomplish the errand of multiplying of farmer wages by 2022. Notwithstanding the drive and push toward this path by different government offices and bodies, they are assuming a little part of this vision by concentrating on new developments in agriculture and food processing.

Being not-for-profit organizations, social enterprises face difficulties in attracting investments and are typically needy on grants or CSR fund and feel academic institutes and management organizations must contribute more aggressively in sustaining and uplifting community enterprises.
Entrepreneurship is the best journey and one who gets on this path has to be ready to stay the route for at least a decade prior to he or she can anticipate making a major change
ILF says that “An entrepreneur requires focus, firmness, the stability of mind through patience and approval of people and circumstances, and an overarching idea that enables them to attain the best future”.

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